Hair Problems and Solutions

Hair Problems and Solutions - Sri Neelambari Adivasi Hair Oil

Hair problems and their therapies are the most common topic discussed these days. Both men and women are exposed to different kinds of hair issues in their daily routines. Are these hair problems are developed because of a fast-moving lifestyle? Definitely No. Hair and hair-related problems are there since the Vedic period.

In the olden days, men and women  used to grow long healthy hair, though hair issues are seen with few populations like  baldness, fading, dandruff, gray hair, oily scalp, split ends, hair thinning, due to body metabolism, hormonal changes and  not taking proper care, etc.,

Our Ancestor’s had sound knowledge of health and well-being. This took humans towards an eco-centric lifestyle connecting to their natural thought way of life through herbs and plants for hair care.

But today’s scenario entirely looks different because of the modernized lifestyle, and changes in the environment like pollution, heat, modified diet habits, stress, sleeplessness, and lack of exercise, Medications are the major reasons for hair problems in the present generation and it may vary from person to person. This creates metabolic and hormonal changes in one’s body, which leads to different kinds of hair problems.

The most common hair problems and causes

  1. Baldness – because of Hereditary, heat, chemically formulated shampoos, and poor diet
  2. Hair loss – stress, medications, menopause in women, hair styling products
  3. Dry Hair – routine usage of shampoo which prevents the formation of natural oil called sebum
  4. Split ends – frequent combing, heat, and dust
  5. Oily hair – excess production of Sebum in head
  6. Dandruff – infection, seborrheic dermatitis caused by yeast found in the skin
  7. Gray Hair – premature ageing of the hair
  8. Dull color hair – usage of chemical products like dye, water, and soil conditions.

People don’t have enough time to take care of their hair and want immediate results, so they choose chemical formulated and other substances for better, fast-growing, and shining hair. These products gives better results with few notable side effects over long usage.  To overcome these hair issues it’s time to look back to find the natural ways and remedies to protect hair through herbal therapies called hair tonics.

Sri Neelambari Adivasi Hair Oil

Adivasi Herbal hair care oil is a complete blend of extracts from herbs and plants picked from forests. The ingredients are a truly natural, authentic, and powerful blend of 108 types of herbs including Bringaraj, and Neelambari. Dishwalla, Loliswala, Soapnut, Bahrami, Kassthuri, Amla, Kadupatti, Menthya, lavancha, Aloe vera, Tulsi, rosemary, etc.,  helps in controlling baldness  & actively stimulate new hair growth along with other ingredients.

natural herbs

Sri Neelambari Adivasi herbal hair oil herbal hair care oil is the right choice for men and women, who are facing some serious hair fall problems. These key ingredient which comes with anti-microbial, immunity-boosting, and regeneration properties actively help in fighting baldness, improving hair growth, nourishing, and promoting a healthy and dandruff-free scalp.

Sri Neelambari Adivasi herbal hair oil gives the best results when used on regular basis (three to four times a week). The improvements in hair growth may differ from person to person based on usage and body conditions.

What our one of our customer says about our Adivasi hair oil product

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